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Why its time for your company to hire a freelance Graphic Designer

As a business there is always going to be ways that you can spend money to improve or expand in certain ways, some are a waste of money & get you minimal to no ROI (return on investment) and some you will see much higher positive returns on, there are infinite services, objects, software you can spend your money on that might or might not help your business grow as a brand but today i am here to talk to you about why & how beneficial hiring a freelance graphic designer can be for you & your business, product or whatever it may be.

As a freelance graphic designer based in Cornwall, I feel that at times (only sometimes) the appreciation for good quality branding is not there, or shall we say overlooked, they feel that the product or service itself is the most important part and the branding is overlooked and neglected purely down to the extra time or expense associated with the process. I am here now to try and show you how important branding can be & also how beneficial it can be for the service your providing.

Here is a classic example of how branding works & at the same time a very powerful photo that will make you think,


Some would argue that the product is better etc. & in some cases, I would have to agree, yes the product may be better but is it that much better? Is it worth paying five times the price for essentially the same thing? This is a classic example of how branding works & how humans think.

Branding is telling a story, it is making you feel apart of the product, a part of there journey as a company, making you feel like you are a part of this company or culture. Yes, you can buy the 70p drink and be on with your day, or you can pay for the premium £3.50 star bucks coffee & sit and be welcomed into the community of city-dwelling hipsters, with there funky thin-framed glasses sat behind there macs as they sip on their chai latte. I'm not saying this is a bad thing wanting to be apart of all of this, what I'm trying to get across is that your not paying five times as much because the coffee is better, your paying it for all the extras that come with it, the look of approval you receive from passers-by, the warm feeling you get when you see your name incorrectly spelt on the side of your cup, it feels personal, it feels premium. 

This is the exact reason whatever it is your selling, providing, doing for your customers, hiring a freelance graphic designer can turn your service from the 70p cup into the £3.50 cup or anywhere in-between. As a freelance graphic designer myself, were not just poster making mac monkeys, we are a group of creative problem solvers, our job is to research and dig deep into your brand, how it makes people feel, the first thing they think when you mention the brands name, If they think it is on the premium end of the scale or lower, find out who we are trying to reach, then we act on this sculpting and creating something that is going to appeal to the target audience while telling a story and evoking feelings, this is the most powerful tool a brand can have, when it makes a human being feel a certain way. For the price that you pay, if you hire the right person & the communication is there, they are going to help your brand evolve & create something timeless, rather than just a product or a service.