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Choosing the right colour pallet & what to use to speed up the process

Choosing a colour pallet for a client be it a major brand or a non-profit company can be one of the most frustrating sections of your process, but at the same time can be the most rewarding and exciting & choosing the right colour pallet is one of the key components to elevating a brand & telling a story through visual experience. 

It is also a very difficult process & can be tedious as flicking through colours in all of your colour libraries, be it Pantone CMYK coated or RGB the list goes on and on, making it vigorous long process allot of the time resulting in people settling with colour pallets that don't quite fit the need.I have written this blog to help you guys out and speed up the process, not only making the process a very fun part of building a brand identity or whatever you're doing. So here it is, my secret weapon in choosing a colour pallet,

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 12.41.13.png

This is an unbelievable bit of software that provides there services in the form of an ios app, google chrome add-on or a straight add-on into Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, at a very reasonable price, making it very versatile & giving you the option of which one works better for you.

Its streamline workflow works as so, you simply press the spacebar and it will generate colour pallets if there is a particular colour you like, lock it by clicking in the middle & continue to filter through by pressing the space bar, locking as you go and within no time you have a beautiful colour pallet that fits your need, also providing you with the hex code for each colour you can then delve further into this by tweaking the colours to absolute perfection. You can then save your pallet give it a name & export it as a JPEG, PDF, PNG. Sounds amazing right? It is, trust me, since I found this site I have never looked back, sometimes I find myself just choosing colour pallets and saving them for fun, so I can go back to my library and already have a full arsenal of awesome pallets to choose from.

Here is a short video to show how easy this process is & how streamline this company have got it, really nailing the user experience.


So there it is, my secret to making the colour choosing process fun and quick. Couldn't recommend it more, for the price you pay it is an amazing bit of kit. 

Check it out here at



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