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11 Questions that should always be in your creative brief

 Working as a graphic designer you are going to need to use creative briefs, this is the first step you need to take when working on a design project with a client, the key to a successful creative brief is to gain a thorough understanding of the company or clients needs & what they want to achieve through hiring you. 

Once you have gained the vital information you need from your creative brief you can move into the research & design process (the fun bit) so it is imperative that you can get exactly what you need from the client by asking the right questions, they need to be direct questions that give you the understanding you need, here are some of what i feel are fundamental questions that ou need to be asking your clients.  What does the company do? Why does it matter

1. What does the company do? Why does it matter?

This is where you gain an understanding of what makes the company unique.

2. The company name and the importance of its origin

Does the name have an important connection to the product

3. Does the product have a slogan?

Will it offer clues on the company's culture

4. What are the strengths, weaknesses & opportunities 

What is the company's value proposition? Who is the company competing with? What aspect of the company should we not focus on?

5. What values do they hold as a company?

Why do you believe in the product, how are they helping users?

6. What are the design goals and why?

How will you be contributing to the solution?

7. Who is using there product?

What are demographic & target audience you aiming towards?

8. Why do the users love the product?

What is it that makes the users love this product 

9. How will users interact with the product?

Where will the brand identity be used?

9. How would the user describe the product on social media?

How does a user describe this product to there following?

10. Are we developing new images or picking up existing ones? 

Was there a previous identity design? If so what aspects are we keeping?

11. Limitations & restrictions?

Are there any restrictions on the project apart from the details already provided?


Now I'm not saying these are all the questions that you should ask but if you add these to your creative brief you will pull a nice amount of information out of your client, not just that but it will be relative information that is imperative for you to be able to create a timeless relevant product that will engage with your clients consumer  audience & deliver the results you should be as a graphic designer.


I hope some of you find this useful and I would love to hear your feedback! Thanks & until next time. 


sam passmore