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Top 3 sites for creative & design inspiration

Sometime's as a designer one of the hardest things about getting started on a project is the inspiration & actually having to decide on what direction to take, I just wanted to share a few of my favourite sites to visit to find that design inspiration and get your creative juices flowing.

I am constantly looking for inspiration but not necessarily at my desk, whenever I'm walking around a town or city I find my self-breaking down branding and design in all kinds of environments, shop windows, food menus, flyers on walls, whatever it is, the design is behind almost everything around you. Luckily living in the beautiful county of Cornwall in the south west of England I am surrounded by natural beauty, vast countryside & the gorgeous coastline.

All I'm saying is next time you go out for a walk, or even just have to go and grab a sandwich, try breaking down the design behind something and looking at what makes it work, try & decide what colour pallets work together & what don't. I'm constantly getting my phone out and capturing objects & colours, using apps like Adobe capture makes this process very easy, clean & it will save it straight to your Adobe cloud libraries that you can take straight to your desktop/laptop. 

But when this technique isn't working here are my top 5 sites to visit.

Number One on the list is my personal favourite dribbble. Dribbble is a community of designers that is a little different to your normal social platform, to slow down growth & to maintain a high standard of content the only way you can comment & post on dribbble is by being invited by another player, it is brimming with excellent work and there search filtering system they have in place is impeccable making it super easy to file out what sort of work it is your looking for.



Number two on the list is Pinterest, I think everyone already knows what this site is and how amazing it can be for finding inspiration in almost any niche, the versatility and amount of content on this site makes it a top contender for project research and finding your flair.


Last but not least, coming in at number three on the list has got to be Behance, the Adobe ran site that allows customers to use it as a fully functional portfolio site, as anyone can use Behance you have to know what your looking for to find the good stuff, but if you do there is some truly amazing work on there & almost every good designer I know has a Behance account, the only reason that it is my third choice over pinterest and dribbble is because of how easy they make it filter through work and break it down to exaclty what your looking for.



I hope you guys have found this useful & thank you for reading